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Pluto's Ghost

by State of Illusion

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Intro 01:00
Déjà Vu 05:11
How do we heal? I don’t know but I’m still clinging to life When doubt is all we feel Do we let go and let hope die? From the start, I gave my heart Now i’m left to face the dark On my own I can’t deny the fire in my heart But is it worth the way I tear myself apart When there’s nothing to gain? Sometimes I feel the weight is more than I can take Time has revealed That on my own, I can’t win this fight And though hope is concealed While I have breath, I’ll give it all my might On my own I won’t let you take what’s left of me
Yet So Far 04:51
Is this me or someone I can’t be? Is it a dream? because it’s always out of reach But finally, it seems the pursuit is threatening To pull the trigger, lose the key, and put me out of misery Take my hand Because I’m floating in the dark And clouds have covered up the star That I have been chasing with an honest heart So close but yet so far Will I survive or be washed out with the tide? Or will I abide within a life denied? Ambition may be blind, but trust my heart and not my eyes And though I fight to stay alive, the enemy is in my mind Take my hand so I can live again I’m left picking up the pieces of this broken dream Am I fighting for nothing but a hollow memory? Through selfishness and sorrow, have I sown what I now reap? But if I learn to let go, can I be truly free?
Starlight 04:34
As night embraces the sky The flame escapes from his eyes How precious is the light that shines through the dark And how careless are we to extinguish the spark Let candles light the way And let angels sing his name What if this illusion is not what it seems? What if we're trapped inside this dream? If only I could find the will to breathe Please open my eyes so I can see That this life we live will never be the same And we only have ourselves to blame Let his star light the way And pray that it won't leave me as it fades into the day Please stay with me Don't go Don't leave me here alone Please guide me down this path I wander And wake me from my dreaming slumber
Wasted Life 05:12
Give me a reason to go on It seems my time has come and gone Who knew a little rain could stop a beating heart And cause me to tear myself apart? Is nothing left? Though I try to see the light I wage a war inside myself that I can’t fight Give me purpose Because all I see is wasted life Everything I am disintegrates and fades Leaving history without a trace Help me live by faith and find myself along the way Because I’ve relied too long on my own strength And gotten nowhere The end is knocking at the door But I still believe that I was built for more Though I am shaken to my core I know I was built for so much more There must be something left
Can this be real? It all seems so far away Eternity in place Though I cannot feel, some wounds won’t heal or fade And their scars remain Now I bear the memory of the life you never had Take this pain away End this suffering I know there’s a reason for this fate But it doesn’t heal the heartache You’ll finally rest in peace While I’m restless and in pieces But I must live on for you Because you’ll live on in me too Though it’s so hard to let you go I know you’re not alone I know you’re in a better place But I’d give my life for just one day
What have I become? I’m empty and I’m numb I hurt the ones I love But is it worth it in the end? Will I be standing when it’s done? Where is my strength? With every step I take It seems like I’m farther away Where is my faith? With every choice I make Have I let fear control my fate? Have I lost myself along the way? It’s eating me alive All these sleepless nights Why do I even try When everything I am is counter to The way they live this life? It’s in front of me But do I believe my lies? Walking in my sleep So I cannot see the signs Can I trust my eyes?
Enough 07:17
The seconds tick away Like hours until there is no more pain When you have flown away An emptiness remains In selfishness, my heart can only break For what we lost that day, another gained And I know that you're safe And I know you've claimed your wings But God help me Because I don't have the strength to say goodbye But I must say goodbye Without you I've lost my light And I can't see at all And if I gave it all my might I'd never be enough Because I can't even justify the air I'm breathing now In your time you shined so bright And I'd never be enough Impressive shoes to fill You helped define a path that I must follow You're the example of the man I strive to be tomorrow And I hope when you look down You'll see you've made a difference But God help me Because I don't have the strength to carry on And then I come to find As if I finally see the light You were never really gone You will live on
Trapped in a world you create You can’t see through this And you can’t undo this Shoot then take aim as you pass the blame Do what it takes No one stands in your way As your world comes crashing down again We all get what we’re due As your world comes crashing down again I can’t save you Innocence disintegrates We see the bruises from your abuses The life you trade is your DNA But still you hurt the gift you don’t deserve You have to make a change Before it’s too late You can’t hide the truth
Were you lost along the way? While searching for an answer, did you fall and lose your faith? For heaven’s sake Tempted by the power and addicted to the fame you gained The soul is such a heavy price For artificial paradise And for the sin you sanctify Was it worth your afterlife? You said you’d heal their pain While you were building mansions they were left out in the rain You’re no man of faith You promised them redemption for a dollar in exchange When you’re face to face With everyone you claimed to save Though all you did was self-proclaim What will you say? One by one Your lies begin to come undone Can’t take your treasure when you’re gone And in the grave All the riches that you’ve chosen will burn away And as you look upon the people you’ve led astray Was it worth the price you paid?
Rain 07:04
The rain brings new life And washes all away Release me from my binds I am prepared for change It feels the same to me It’s all the same to me Alone I can feel the rain And I’m not made to be alone And I cannot see where you have gone Today’s the same as yesterday And I don’t know how much more of this That I can take The pain brings to light All of my mistakes Release me from my binds I can feel the rain The storm’s coming fast And I cannot see the way Let it all come down on me I can feel the rain I whisper in your ear “I’m lost now” “I’m lost now” Don’t shed another tear I’m lost now I’m lost now
Home 06:01
Do you remember running without knowing the way? An unknown destination We were young and unafraid But the river’s overflowing and time is wearing thin And I’m sorry you must endure this while I’m paying for my sins I’m only half awake I only have myself to blame Lost at sea In the night In the storm’s undertow Let the world pass me by I don’t mind In your arms I’m home Do you remember laughing? Or life without a care? The smiles on our faces replaced by the scars we bear And I feel like I am failing I’ve given all they take But no matter how the wind may blow I’ll bend but I won’t break And when the tide submerges me And the waves drag me underneath You are the hand that pulls me to the safety of the shore And when there’s no hope left, it seems And shadows cover everything You burn away the darkness with your radiant light And I only have you to thank Carry me through the fire In this life’s afterglow Lend me your strength to fight There’s still time In your arms I’m home
The walls around me fall apart And the window’s closing The evening breeze that travels though the dark Has hints of winter Will I find peace beyond the breach Or lose my meaning as I plunge into the deep? It echoes in my head But this isn’t over I’m not giving in This temporary skin Can’t confine me forever Death is not the end I still feel it in my heart And I’ve never lost the spark But I can’t shake this burning feeling That I’ve been lost from the start Should I hold my breath And take the step into the unknown? Or will I be left regret and emptiness? Guide me home Because I can hardly see the glow Don’t let go Each second I spend running I’m closer to becoming My ghost


Dedicated to Jaxson Braylee Dabbs
You will live on


released September 3, 2021

All songs produced & engineered by Jacob Porter except:
“Starlight” & “Enough” - produced & engineered by Brandon Hart & Jacob Porter

Songs 2,3,6,7,9,11,12,13 mixed & mastered by Nick Coyle
Songs 4,5,8,10 mixed and mastered by Brandon Hart at The HartBeat Studios

Cover art by Sushant Vohra

Published by 212 records

State of Illusion would like to thank:
Jesus Christ, Kayla, Mom & Dad (Heidi & Joe), Phil, Chug, Drake Porter & family, Lilo & Stich, Tom & Jenny Carden, Solarist, Justin Ryon, Kelly & Jessica Hayes, Mike Semesky, Cody Dabbs, Brandon Hart, Nick Coyle, Zach Young, Chet Whigham, Joe Bennett, Alisha Beaudion, Danny & Theresa Medlin, Bryce Chism, Cameron Price, Brandon Rodgers, Austin Holbrooks, Malcolm Cox, Joe Sharp, Casey O’Daniel, London Smith, Keith Alston, Jared Tuttle, Chris Slater & family, all of our families, friends, & everyone who has helped, supported, & inspired us along the way.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



State of Illusion Greenville, South Carolina

State of Illusion is a progressive melodic rock band based in Greenville, SC. New album "Pluto's Ghost" out now!


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